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Nighttime Photography workshop with Pete Lerro: May 22, 2017 Cape Hatteras

USLHS is pleased to announce a special event on May 22, 2017 with professional photographer Pete Lerro (www.lerroproductions.com). 

Lighthouses were made to illuminate the night sky so why not photograph them in their natural environment? Peter Lerro has been photographing lighthouses at night for over 15 years. He will teach participants how to take great lighthouse pictures at night by utilizing the light from the moon and stars as well as use a mix of fill flash. Participants will also learn how to photograph lighthouses with the milky way and star trails.

Pete Lerro III is a college graduate of Temple University in Pennsylvania where he studied video audio and photography. Lerro is currently a full-time professional photographer and owner at Lerro Productions. When Lerro is not on assignment, he organizes photo shoot tours, workshops across the country and more. His photography expertise includes family, portraits, commercials, products, landscapes, wedding and sports. Throughout his career he has shot for many major establishments including the Department of Homeland Security, NFL, NBA, NHL, USA Gymnastics, IRL and Spartan Race.

May 22 Schedule:

7:00pm:  The group will meet at The Inn on Pamlico Sound, Buxton, NC, which is a short distance from the lighthouse, and enjoy an introduction to night time photography with Pete.

7:30pm – 9:00pm:  Sunset through Dusk. Photos of the lighthouse, keepers home and lighthouse keeper in uniform with his/her trusty lantern setting up for the evening. Learn to balance between ambient light, camera and independent strobe flash.

9:30pm – 11:00pm: Night Session.  Same scenario as Sunset through Dusk,  learning to balance in moon light for added effect.

2:00am – 3:30am:   Milky Way. Photograph the tallest light in the US, balancing night lighting and time exposures with the brilliance of the Milky Way in the background!

Photographers registering will need their own transportation and a camera (DSLR style – digital single lens reflex), cable release and tripod.  Also, you’ll need a flashlight with a red lens if possible (headlamps are ideal for hands free operation of  equipment.)

Photography workshop is $150 per person. Call today to reserve at 415-362-7255 or email Nancy@uslhs.org.



USLHS Baltic Jewels Lighthouse Tour to visit Kopu, Latvia

By Christopher Brookes

As a tour leader, I have been busily researching and planning the USLHS Baltic Jewels Tour and have become fascinated by the amazing array of lighthouses we will visit!  Kopu, one of the many we will see, is the oldest standing lighthouse in Estonia (third oldest lighthouse in the world) and has a most interesting history.

Russian and Baltic merchants began pushing for a lighthouse to be built at Kopu in the late 1400’s. The Bishop finally gave his permission to begin construction in 1500. It took thirty one years, 26 million tons of stone and a few wars before the first fires were ever lit on top in 1531.

Nighttime fires were tended by six men and kept alight for 10 months of the year (no fires during the two months closest to the Summer Solstice when it never really gets dark.) They initially hoped to burn coal but this proved to be too expensive and impractical. Hence the need for wood, lots of wood, as they burned through 1,000 cords of wood a year. Over the centuries this resulted in the complete deforestation of the Kopu peninsula.

I’m so glad our 118’ climb to the top of Kopu lighthouse is a 21st Century climb and not a 19th Century visit. Initially access to the top was only by wooden stairs up the outside walls. The wood stairs were replaced in the early 1800’s by iron rails also up the outside walls. It’s hard to visualize a trusty USLHS tour leader belayed to the top tower, holding tightly onto climbing ropes so 15 -20 people on the tour can clamber 100’ up the outside walls. The good news is that an interior stairway was tunneled through in the late 1800’s.

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Kopu, Latvia

Join us for a visit to this historic lighthouse and many others on our Baltic Jewels lighthouse tour in May, 2017. Visit www.uslhs.org/tours or call 415-362-7255 for more information.


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Six Top Reasons to travel with USLHS Lighthouse Tours


All 2017 USLHS Tours are now open for reservations! If you have not traveled with us before, you might be wondering whether this is a good fit for you. Here are the top reasons lighthouse aficionados, photographers, and adventurers choose USLHS Lighthouse Tours:

  1. You will be in the company of lighthouse lovers, history buffs, world travelers and life-long learners who enjoy the camaraderie old friends and new. Our members are known for being fun-loving and inclusive! Single travelers are welcomed and we are often able to find a roommate for them!
  2. We are often able to explore, climb and/or photograph lighthouses not open to the public, and often found in remote locations. Your journey to a lighthouse could involve charter boats, off road vehicles, helicopters, float planes or perhaps horse drawn carriages! Travelers have even found themselves on golf carts, jet boats, and lobster trawlers just to get that perfect lighthouse viewpoint!
  3. Tour itineraries are designed to provide opportunities to visit other regional landmarks and attractions, and include free time to shop or relax.
  4. You are taken care of! We include all transportation, most meals, lodging, admissions, and a skilled tour leader. Our tour packets feature custom journals, tour patches. luggage tags and much more.
  5. We enjoy sampling local cuisine: How about lobster in Maine? Salmon in Seattle? Or bouillabaisse in Marseilles? It all adds to understanding the unique culture of an area.  We understand that travelers might have unique dietary restrictions and will do our best to accommodate.
  6. USLHS tours help support our lighthouse preservation, grants and education missions. Not only do proceeds from each trip go directly to these pursuits, we make financial contributions to lighthouses we visit along our route, further emphasizing our commitment to their preservation. Also, a portion of your trip is tax-deductible.To view our unique 2017 Lighthouse Tours, visit http://www.uslhs.org/tours. For more information or to request a catalog, call 415-362-7255.

Submitted by Nancy Houghton, U.S. Lighthouse Society, on January 18, 2017